Traffic Monsoon has 9 Advertising services that generates a huge income, Here are just 4 sources of direct income for TM.

(This is excluding Adpack money in the system )

1. CREDIT [visitors]

The highest TM can earn from this service is $449.95 per member.

If out of 1.5Million TM members only a minimum of 3,000 TM members used this service, 
TM will generates a instant income of $1.3 Million


TM can earn $50.00 per member

If minimum 3,000 TM Members used this service,
TM will generate a instant income of $150k

3. MASSIVE TRAFFIC (external traffic)

The highest TM can earn from this service is $600.00 per member.

If minimum 3,000 members used this service.
TM will generate a instant income of  $1.8 Million


Traffic Monsoon is advertised on a large scale. 
You can imagine how many direct referrals TM has.

This is another income for TM, benefiting directly from the 10% commission from its referral members.

From this we can see that TM is generating a huge income from its advertising services which makes TM a self-sustainable business.

This is awesome from CEO Charles:

It's often said by new members that they can't refer, or simply never will. Even though the best income is earned by those who refer, many people don't even try.

Sometimes people don't want to try because of fear over what someone might think of them. Referring certainly places you outside your comfort zone.

How do you overcome your fear of referring people to Traffic Monsoon?

Here are 4 simple ways to overcome that fear.

1. Understand the problems TM solves for people.

When I started my first business opportunity, my biggest problem was connecting with people who would be interested in what I was doing.

I knew my family wouldn't be interested in getting involved in a business opportunity, and also had no desire to be customers of the product I was selling.

The most difficult challenge for everyone involved in any sort of business is getting exposure for their brand, driving traffic to their websites, generating leads, and increasing sales.

All of that is done through advertising.

You're giving people fuel for their business, and solving the advertising problem at competitive prices with quality services.

How will anyone know about their business or opportunity unless they tell people about it? Traffic Monsoon helps get the word out!

2. Get to the value you provide.

You don't need to pitch people, and drag them along into something they don't need.

To effectively refer someone to Traffic Monsoon, simply help someone recognize what TM offers, and what they'll be able to do with the services.

You might not realize the cost savings on your potential referrals, or the growth in sales they could experience when they use TM services.

Don't nag, push, or manipulate people to get started with Traffic Monsoon. Simply figure out the challenges your potential referrals are burdened by, and help them see how TM can help them through their challenges.

One great thing about TM is anyone can surf to earn advertising credits, and anyone can click cash links and earn as a free member.

The price of services are competative and affordable, plus will save them a lot of time buying the credits instead of surfing for them.

Focus on what your potential referral can truly benefit from, and help them see why TM will be one of the best choices for them.

3. Refer with integrity

One reason people don't like referring is because it makes them feel like they are scamming someone into doing something they don't want to do.

Solution: be clear, honest, and align your message with the reality of what is truly being offered.

Define a step-by-step process for your referring routine. Create a powerpoint presentation, or record a video.

Have a conversation, build a relationship with your potential referral, and show them that you truly care about them.

Don't rush things, or get frustrated if they have questions, or express any concerns. Recognize their concerns and their feelings, and share your experience with them. Help them overcome concerns by illustrating how TM can meet their needs, and solve a problem in their lives they have identified with you earlier.

Take your time, and realize also that the time you spend with your potential referral is very valuable. Not only valuable to you, but also to them.

You have something they want, and the only reason they are listening to you is because they want to explore what it is you have which might help them and make an informed decision.

4. Love what you do

If you don't love TM, it will be hard to help others get started. Learn all you can, explore all that TM has to offer, test, track, and fully give yourself the Traffic Monsoon experience.

Then, with greater confidence you'll feel a deeper reason for helping others get started. This is something that can change people's lives, shift the whole direction of their businesses, and help them connect with individuals who could take their business to another level.

When you see TM for what it is, and how it can benefit another's life, the less afraid you will be in talking with others about it.

Sure, you'll face rejection, but this is simply meaning the person has chosen this isn't a fit for them.

Not everyone eats at the same restaurants you enjoy to eat at, and maybe one day down the line they will try. So don't burn your bridges if someone isn't interested today.  Keep an open line of communication, and listen to them about things they might have which can benefit you.

Share with them from time-to-time how things are going, and what you're doing.

Help them know that your intention is simply to help them, to meet their needs, and to solve a problem for them.

You can say things like,

"My intention today is to get you more visitors to your website."

"If you're a member of a paid-to-click site, I want to help you get more referrals."

"If you're an entrepreneur growing a business, I want to help you get more clients."

"Whatever it is you're doing, I want to help you make more money with it."

"I want to show you how you can start making more money online from TrafficMonsoon."

Anyone can turn Traffic Monsoon into a real business for themselves; connecting the advertising services with those who need the services the most!

Charles Scoville

Owner - Traffic Monsoon

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